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2024 Israel Trip

Our Messianic tour will emphasize the Jewish heritage and essence of the Scriptures and help us to appreciate the beauty and culture of Israel. We will visit important sites from Caesarea, to Galilee, to Jerusalem, to the desert. It will bring to life the journeys of Abraham, the life of Yeshua (Jesus), and the modern state of Israel. In addition to touring the land, we will have the opportunity to interact with Israeli Messiah followers, who will share their unique insights. Our Israeli guide, Eran Salamon, is a premier guide who will provide in-depth teaching and unique insights that will make this an adventure of a lifetime.

This is the time to be signing up for our 2024 trip to Israel from May 20 until June 4 2024!  Don't miss this great opportunity! 

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May 20, 2024

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