Who We Are

As a progressive synagogue, Beth Messiah embraces Yeshua as the Messiah and includes Yeshua followers from diverse backgrounds. Everyone who is part of the Beth Messiah community enjoys full participation in all facets of congregational life. We are committed to Jewish life and value Jewish forms of tradition, worship and social action.  Beth Messiah supports and participates in service projects in the local Jewish Community and in Israel. We are passionate about God’s messianic promise for Israel—and we strive to demonstrate its reality. Our inclusive community life is merely a glimpse of the future unity G-d has for Israel and the nations. 

Messianic Life

Beth Messiah is part of a global movement of synagogues and larger organizations providing resources, venues, and community to Messianic families and individuals. Beth Messiah and other Messianic Synagogues are comprised of Jewish people who embrace Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel, as well as Gentiles who embrace the Jewish people as G-d’s preserved remnant. As Jews, we are confident our faith in Yeshua is rooted in Torah and we practice purposeful and sincere Jewish living. Among us are non-Jewish individuals who identify with our values and have a confirmed calling within the Messianic Jewish community. Yeshua is the Jewish way to say Jesus. We understand that a synagogue of Yeshua followers that includes Gentiles is unique. We are happy to provide answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yeshua is the Jewish way to say Jesus.  We understand a synagogue of Yeshua followers that includes Gentiles is unique. We are happy to provide answers to your questions.

  • How can you be Jewish and believe in Jesus? 

    Jews were the first to believe in the Messiahship of Yeshua. This resulted from Yeshua’s fulfillment of the Torah, Prophets and Writings. Although not without controversy, such Yeshua followers were considered part of the Jewish world. It wasn't until hundreds of years later that believing in Yeshua was considered "non-Jewish." We, like those early Yeshua followers, are Jews who celebrate Yeshua’s scriptural fulfillment. We are dedicated to vibrant Jewish life while embracing Yeshua as our Messiah.

  • If you believe in Jesus why don't you just go to a church?  

    Jewish living means Torah faithfulness. Torah faithfulness means participating in Jewish community life. Jewish community life means celebrating Jewish holidays, practicing Jewish worship, observing Jewish dietary practices, embracing Jewish values and much more.  

  • Do you practice Jewish lifecycle events such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Do you observe Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?

    Yes. We are a Jewish community.  We are intent on creating Jewish space and are dedicated to Jewish practices.

  • My spouse is Jewish but I am not. May I participate in your service and community?

    Yes! We invite non Jewish spouses to attend and fully participate. We believe Yeshua unites Jews and Gentiles and encourage full participation of both.

  • I am Jewish but I am not sure if Jesus is the Messiah. May I attend?  

    Yes, everyone is welcome!

  • Do you have crosses and celebrate Christmas and Easter?  

    No. We are committed to Jewish life and express our faith in Yeshua in a Jewish manner. Therefore we do not display crosses or observe traditional Christian expressions of faith such as the celebrations of Christmas and Easter.  

Meet a Few of Our Families
  • Howard Silverman

    While I serve as the Congregational Leader of Beth Messiah, I am also a member. Beth Messiah is a community of people who embrace Yeshua and care deeply for the values of Torah. We desire to serve one another and to make a difference in the world.

  • Ed & Darlene Willens

    Coming from an Orthodox background I needed a place where I feel comfortable and where I can follow my deep commitment to my Jewish heritage and identity. I have learned what it means to embrace Yeshua our Messiah and to experience a new level of spirituality.  For both me and my wife, the teaching at Beth Messiah is like none that we have ever experienced. It provides us with the biblical understanding we need to grow and to share the Good News with those we encounter knowing we am sharing Biblically accurate truth with them. 

  • Paul & Ellen Weisberger

    The main reason we are part of Beth Messiah is for the sound Biblical teaching with a community that lives their beliefs. Also, as an intermarried family we are able to come together as believers in Yeshua. Being the parents of a teenager we  also love  the family atmosphere of the congregation.  

  • Cliff and Valerie Berman

    Beth Messiah provides a traditional Jewish worship and learning opportunity centered in the joy of Messiah Yeshua. And it is where I later came to faith in Yeshua. After many years of being part of this community, we have not only found our spiritual home, but an extended family that truly cares for one another.

  • Jim and Lola Klein 

    Our primary reason for being part of  Beth Messiah is that it is our belief that G-d has called us to this community of believers through a pathway of ancestry and faith to serve the community and to serve as an example of normal life in the Messiah.

  • Jeff & Andrea Rubinstein

    Beth Messiah has enhanced and has helped me and my family to appreciate my Jewish culture, heritage and identity because of the emphasis on knowing G-d personally and intimately through Messiah Yeshua. As an intermarried family, my wife is able to participate fully  because Beth Messiah is a community where both   socially and spiritually Jews and Gentiles can come and worship the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob together. 

  • Aaron Lease

    Beth Messiah Congregation feels like extended family. The individuals I have gotten to know here truly care about me. Equally important is Beth Messiah's focus on a full-context Biblical interpretation, and providing opportunities to learn about the Messianic Jewish understanding of the Bible.

  • Chris and Marcy Kotting

    I became part of Beth Messiah Congregation many years ago as a young Jewish believer in Yeshua and it is where my husband Chris was first challenged with the reality of the Messiah. Beth Messiah supports us in living out our faith in its Jewish context and helps us impart Jewish understandings and values to our now teenage daughter. Beth Messiah is more than just a synagogue for us –– it's a family.

  • Rhena Klayman

    Here at Beth Messiah, I can further my journey with Messiah Yeshua in a manner which does not compromise my Judaism- but authenticates it. Here, I have learned what it means to be a Jew; I have learned what it means to love and be loved by Yeshua.”

Beth Messiah History
  • In The Beginning... 1975-1980

    Beth Messiah began in June of 1975 as a small group of people meeting for Erev Shabbat services. Meetings and services were conducted at an  apartment in the campus area of The Ohio State University. The first service was attended by two people, Dr. Bruce McCoy and Bob Weiner a medical student at OSU who served as the principal leader. During this embryonic stage, this small group began to grow. In 1977 several key people, some of whom are still active  in the congregation came to Beth Messiah. Elliot Klayman  came to Columbus from Cincinnati to take a teaching position at Ohio State. Elliot and his wife Joyce were to become visionary leaders in the congregation for many years. Elliot became the congregational leader in 1977 and guided Beth Messiah from a small chavurah to a full fledged congregation. In 1978 Beth Messiah adopted a constitution  and a Board of Trustees. A library, nursery and other congregational functions were birthed.

  • The Congregation Grows… 1980-1990

    The 1980’s brought more people and new leaders. Elliot Klayman realized the need for full time leadership if Beth Messiah was to grow. As a result, Dr. Michael Rydelnik came as congregational leader (1983-1984) and was followed by Dr. Michael Schiffman (1985-1990). Elliot Klayman continued to serve as an Elder for the next 30 years. During this period, the congregation experienced growth  in people, programs and outreaches. In 1989 Beth Messiah celebrated its first Bar Mitzvah. During this period, the Beth Messiah Sisterhood was organized as well as a youth program for all ages. In the late 1980’s Beth Messiah inaugurated an annual banquet called “Forward In Faith” at which time a congregational member is recognized for service to the Beth Messiah Community.

  • New Opportunities… 1990-2000

    In late 1990, Howard Silverman was invited to come to Beth Messiah to serve as the 4th Congregational Leader. He and his family arrived in June 1991 and Howard continues to serve as Congregational Leader today. The 1990’s brought new opportunities for Beth Messiah to serve both its congregants and the community. The Messianic Studies Institute was organized in 1994 as an adult educational arm of the Congregation which has served hundreds of people in Columbus. MSI offers a variety of courses including biblical languages, bible and Jewish history. The youth program expanded to include a summer day camp and a variety of other youth programs. During this period Beth Messiah made a big move. After meeting in nine different temporary locations around the city, the congregation bought its first building – a house turned synagogue on Hamilton Road.

  • The Vision Grows... 2000-present

    The 2000’s have brought growth and maturity to Beth Messiah. In addition to new programs including a 20’s group called Bayt Café, Beth Messiah has grown with new families and new energy. The move to our current location on Morse Road has given Beth Messiah a way to project a more authentic Jewish expression in our services, holiday celebrations and lifecycle events. It was a glorious day on Sukkot 2007 when well over 100 people paraded down Hamilton Road with our Torah scrolls to our new synagogue. Since that time, the congregation has continued to grow and engage in new opportunities and outreaches. Beth Messiah has come a long way since is first Erev Shabbat in a small apartment with two people in attendance! While much has changed over the years some things remain the same. Beth Messiah remains committed to a messianic Jewish life and faith. Many people have come to embrace Yeshua as Messiah at Beth Messiah and many people have come to love and appreciate rich Jewish culture and tradition. G-d has sustained us blessed us for many years but at Beth Messiah, a work born of G-d, the best has yet to come.

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